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Dantewada attack: Intel was general in nature, may have not been actionable

Security agencies have termed the naxal strike in Chhattisgarh as ‘cowardly’ and said that it was timed to coincide with the annual CPI (Maoist) counter-offensive campaign.

The naxalites had deliberately chosen Dantewada as it is a soft-target. The naxalites have been several successful strikes in the area as the security is not as good when compared to areas such as Bijapur and Sukma. In these areas, the CRPF has a very strong presence and has over the years made inroads, while setting up forward operating bases. Since the attack of 2010 in which 75 CRPF jawans were killed, security has been high in many places. The CRPF in order to combat the naxalite corridor has set up 15 forward operating bases.

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