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Radicalisation: Need to deliver a harder blow to deal with radicals who have no faith in human rights

In the recently concluded meet of the IGs and Das, the prime focus was on dealing with the threat of radicalisation. Let us not be mistaken that is the biggest threat India faces today

New Delhi, Jan 25: The scores of incidents involving radical Islamists and the fast changing nature of terrorism are an indicator that there is a need to go that extra mile to beat this problem.

During the just-concluded conference of the DGPs and IGPs, some Indian Police Service officers submitted papers which noted the rise in religious fundamentalism in India. This they noted was due to the high level of indoctrination, easy availability of modern means of communication, including encrypted form, cross border terrorism and Pakistan focusing on focusing on encouraging these radical groups.

Fighting the threat of radicalisation:

There has been a growing clamour by the Indian Muslims to aggressively assert their religious identity. In the killings of scores of Hindus be it in Rajasthan or Maharashtra or Karnataka, the radical Muslims want to also display their religious identity explicitly.

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