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The Khalistan bug has hit Australia and is set to spiral out of control

It is important to note that the Indian agencies have flagged the Khalistan concern to several foreign governments on numerous occasions. However the response has not been welcoming and today the problem is there to see on the streets.

New Delhi, Dec 10: The spread of the Khalistan movement in countries such as the United States, Canada and United Kingdom have been flagged by India on numerous occasions. Now reports have emerged that members of the Indian-Australian community in Victoria, Australia were shocked and disturbed to see Khalistani flags, T-shirts, booklets being distributed at the Nagar Kirtan/Humanity Walk which was organised by the Victoria Sikh Gurdwara Council (VSGC).

This incident comes close on the heels of terrorist, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, chief of the proscribed Sikhs for Justice announcing that the next round of referendum being held in Canberra, Australia. This is a clear indicator of how the movement is spreading overseas and successive governments not taking India’s advice seriously. Yes it is creating a problem for us as there is every chance that the propaganda put out by these people would affect India in Punjab. However it would turn out to be a Frankenstein Monster for them as the seeds of hate and propaganda will start to affect them. The Australia incident is just proof of this an Intelligence Bureau official tells OneIndia.

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