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As radical as it gets: Islamists in Coimbatore, TN have merged to target Hindus, temples

In the Coimbatore cylinder blast case, the deceased connect with the Al Ummah is quite clear. Now the probe is on to find the Islamic State angle as well.

New Delhi, Oct 26: The Coimbatore police have invoked the stringent provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act or UAPA a day after Jameesha Mubin (25) died in a cylinder blast outside the famous ‘Kottai Eshwaran Temple’.

Jameesha Mubin, the deceased, was in fact questioned by the National Investigation Agency in 2019 for his alleged ties with a radical network that was behind the Colombo serial blasts.

The police have also arrested Mohammad Dhalha (25), Mohammad Azarudheen (25), Mohammad Riyaz (27), Feroz Ismail (27), and Mohammad Navaz Ismail (27), of GM Nagar from Coimbatore district.

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