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Lord Krishna was born in 3112 BCE: How is He still mythology?

Krishna’s birth can be dated to 27th July, 3112 BCE. When you are able to give a precise date to an event which is recorded in writing, as history, by a traceable author, then it is no more a figment of imagination and assumption or a mythos.

New Delhi, Aug 22: On August 18 and 19, Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with grandeur and fervour. It was also the 5,134th birthday of Lord Krishna.

For years now, many have continued to call the Mahabharata a mythological event and pinned most of our culture, history and heritage as a myth.

If you can fix the lifetime of a person in a calendrical system then he is no more a myth, say Bharath Gyan founders Dr. D K Hari and Dr. D K Hema Hari.

“We need to understand that the word mythology originated with reference to Greek literature to mean that which is non-real. When the colonial Europeans came here, they already had an idea of Greek mythology. They ended up imposing the same term on literature here without understanding about Indian style of writing,” Hari and Hema tell OneIndia, while adding that, in doing so they imposed this terminology of Europe on India and her culture.

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