Vicky Nanjappa

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About Me


Occupation– Reporter always

Location– Bangalore, India

My best storyThe truth about the truth serum

Interests– Reporting on matters pertaining to terrorism, law and geo politics

Believes– Journalism is for Vertebrates

Does not believe– Numbers, sleaze and sensationalism should control journalism

Other InterestsReporting, working out, collecting mobile phones and High definition televisions, gaming, play with gadgets and ride electric bike

Career: Started career in Kodagu district before moving to Bengaluru in 2004 and joined Vijay Times covering legal for 6 years. After moving to Rediff, extensively covered internal security and MHA from Delhi and later Bengaluru for 8 years. Had done short stints with Deccan Herald and Times Now before joining OneIndia in 2014 where I continue to cover internal security

As a reporter covered Mumbai 26/11 attacks extensively, covered the blasts by Indian Mujahideen, Ayodhya Verdict in Lucknow, Telgi Tapes, conducted narco-analysis on self

Citations: Jihadist Violence: The Indian Threat/Stephen Tankel

Militancy in Kashmir/ Abhinav Pandya

Pakistan-India ceasefire a response to developing situation in Afghanistan/Venus Upadhay

The  First Human Bomb (The untold Story of the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination)/ P Chandra Sekharan
Lt. Col Purohit: The Man Betrayed? By Smita Mishra
Fav Food– Rice, Rasam and Mango pickle
Brand– Apple, Ather Diesel, Nike, Addidas
Drink– Black coffee, Green tea
Outfit– Jeans, T-shirts, jackets, shorts
Personality(s)– Mahathma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Micheal Jackson, A B Vajpayee, Winnie the Pooh
Music-GnR, Doors, Pink Floyd, Niravana, Iron Maiden
Quote– Eat Right Stay Fit Die Anyways

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