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For Indians Who Joined Islamic State, It Is Pure Dejection Out There

The Kerala Story is creating quite the storm at the box office. It is on its way to mint at least Rs 200 crore soon.

While there are questions being asked on the exact number of persons from India who have joined the Islamic State either in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, an Intelligence Bureau dossier says that the number of those who joined or tried to join is 133.

An Intelligence Bureau official explains to OneIndia that while many had got carried away and left their land to be part of the Islamic State, there is one common tale and that is each one of them has regretted their decision. Take the case of Ayesha alias Sonia Sebastin who was converted and then sent off to Afghanistan. She said in a video that she and her husband Abdullah Rashi were disappointed after reaching the country. She says that she had moved thinking that she would lead an Islamic life under the Caliphate. However we found that none were even visiting the Mosques here.

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