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Swing-seats will make all the difference in Karnataka

Karnataka votes on May 10 and all parties are banking on the swing-seats.

In the 2018 elections there were 74 constituencies where the margin was less than 10,000 votes. It is these constituencies which would make all the difference for all political parties. All the three parties, BJP, Congress and JD(S) are keeping a close tab on these seats as this could change their fortunes.

In the 74 seats, the Congress won 37, BJP, 27 and JD(S)10 in 2018. Out of the 74, the margin was less than 1,000 in five constituencies. In the Maski constituency, the winning margin was just 213. In Aland it was 697, while in Pavagada it was just 409. Further there were 24 seats in which the victory margin was just 5,000 votes.

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