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Why PM Modi is holding the last leg of his campaign in Bengaluru

Post the 2018 elections, when the BJP fell short of a majority, a party leader had called and said that the final outcome could not be met because of Bengaluru city.

Cut back to 2008, when the BJP had more numbers compared to 2018. The party had won 17 of the 28 seats, while in 2018 it was 11. The party in fact did better in the city in 2013, winning 12 seats. That year the party had put up its

The BJP understands that winning big in Bengaluru is important for its prospects in the state. This is the primary reason why the Prime Minister is undertaking the last leg of his campaign in the city. A BJP source said that the PM has a sway in the city. There are so many undecided voters in the city. In addition to this there is the younger lot and the migrants, all of whom the PM has an appeal with. Hence it only makes sense that the PM ends his campaign here, the party source also told OneIndia. Furthermore Bengaluru is India’s Silicon Valley and the home to many startups. The PM holds a sway over this industry and hence the last leg of the campaign being in the capital of Karnataka makes sense for the BJP.

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