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Coastal Karnataka: It is a very different campaign out there this year

The coast in Karnataka promises to throw up an interesting battle, with no party leaving anything to chance.

The coast has for long been the bastion of the BJP. The 2018 elections were fought on the Hindutva line. The campaign pitch was more about a fight to protect Hindutva. The BJP went all out to blame the Siddaramaiah government which was then in power for not doing much when six Hindu youths were murdered allegedly by members of the now banned Popular Front of India (PFI). The campaign by the BJP this time around is different. The focus is heavily on development and nationalistic pride.

The hijab issue that had dominated this region has not been raked up as yet and parties would like to keep it that way. Experts OneIndia spoke with said that the coast has remained tense for long and all parties want to change that. Hence the push is around development this time.

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