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Will Kharge’s ‘snake’ jibe come back to bite the Congress in Karnataka?

It came as quite a surprise when Congress chief, Mallikarjun Kharge made a personal remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He referred to the PM as a ‘snake’ but later clarified that he was referring to the entire party.

“Modi is like a poisonous snake. If you think it is poison or not and you lick it, you are dead. You may think, is this poison. Modi is a good man. He has given it and we will see it. Then are fully asleep if you lick it,”Kharge said at a poll campaign in Karnataka’s Gadag.

The remark was very surprising considering the fact that the Congress in Karnataka at the start of its poll campaign had decided that no personal remarks against the PM or other BJP leaders would be made. The party had also decided that it would not speak on Hindutva during the campaign. The state leadership had made it clear that the focus would be on the poll promises the party had made. The main focus would be on corruption and the leaders would not divert from this.

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