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The impact of Shettar quitting BJP and joining Congress

The big news of the day was BJP heavy-weight Jagadish Shettar joining the Congress.

Those who have followed Karnataka politics closely would have never imagined Shettar, a loyalist, a grass-root level worker joining the Congress. The question now is what is the impact such a move would have considering that Shettar has won several elections and he hails from the powerful Lingayat community.

The question now is how much of this move would have an impact on the BJP, which is looking to get back to power in Karnataka. Shettar has been seen someone as who has never rebelled against the party. He has all through his association with the BJP toed the line and accepted what has been told to him by the party.

It is important to recognise what Shettar stands for, says Dr. Sandeep Shastri a leading psephologist tells OneIndia.

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