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Kerala train arson suspect unstable, confesses to crime, but remains silent on motive

The prime accused in the Kerala train arson case has confessed to his crime, but has not revealed the motive as yet.

The Kerala police in whose custody he is, said that Sharukh Saifi, the main accused in the case who was caught at Ratnagiri in Maharashtra has confessed to his crime. He has however not revealed the motive behind carrying such an attack, ADGP (Law and Order), M R Ajith Kumar told reporters.

The police has also managed to ascertain that the bag, which found on the track with a book and a bottle of petrol belonged to the accused person. The police currently has a 11-day custody of Saifi. In his diary the police had found the names of several railway stations. Saifi however told his interrogators that he was visiting Kerala for the first time. This had left investigators puzzled, which led to the suspicion that he may have acted on the directive of some other person.

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