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A book with a list of rly stations on target crucial to Kerala train fire probe

For the Kerala police the train fire case is becoming a puzzle with the prime suspect telling them he only knew about Kerala through hearsay.

Shrukh Saifi

The book that has been retrieved from the prime accused, Sharukh Saifi showed that there was a list of targeted railway stations. The police will start questioning him post his medical examination and production before a court, where his custody needs to be sought.

Saifi has been vague in his responses. At first he had told the police post his arrest in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri that he was being guided by someone to carry out the attack. Now he has claimed that he had acted on his own. Sources tell OneIndia that the line of questioning would be clear.

For now Saifi has been dodging questions and has been giving varied responses, thus making it hard for the police to come to any conclusion.

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