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What is shaping the Karnataka battle and why is it important for 2024

All political parties in Karnataka are in full-swing ahead of the Karnataka Assembly elections set to be held on May 10.

The elections in Karnataka are watched closely for a variety of reasons. First it would be a big battle between the BJP and Congress. Second, it is being touted as a trailer to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP holds 26 of the 28 parliamentary seats in the state and winning handsomely in the state polls becomes even more important for the BJP.

Karnataka is also the BJP’s only stronghold in South India. The first BJP government in south was formed in Karnataka under the leadership of B S Yediyurappa. The BJP has been the single largest party on three occasions, but has failed to breach the majority mark. This time the party has been making a push not only among the Lingayat community, but others as well. The party hopes to build on a pan-Karnataka vote base and return to power with a full majority.

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