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Amritpal Singh has made a joke out of the Punjab Police

Radical Sikh leader, Amritpal Singh has successfully managed to dodge police action for the past two weeks.

It says a lot about the will of the Punjab Police and this inaction had even prompted a reprimand from the High Court, which asked if an 80,000 strong force was unable to nab one man. Despite combing operations, Amritpal Singh managed to give the police the slip on March 28.

Post his escape on March 18, Amritpal Singh has been seen in Haryana and Delhi. There were reports that he was making efforts to get out of the country and reach Nepal. However there are no confirmed reports that he is back in Punjab.He even audaciously said in a recent video that he will not surrender. Instead he has called for a large Sikh congregation to discuss issues relating to the community. Backing his case is the Akhal Takht, which has called for the release of all Amritpal’s aides. It has also warned of consequences, if action against Amritpal Singh is not stalled.

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