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How PFI used the “Islam is in danger” slogan to radicalise, recruit Muslims into its fold

The PFI was banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs vide a notification issued on September 28 2022. The MHA noted that the outfit had links with foreign terrorist groups such as Islamic State.

The Popular Front of India (PFI) which was banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) last year had used the slogan ‘Islam is in danger,’ on numerous occasions.

The coinage of this slogan was used heavily by the PFI to recruit gullible Muslim youth and according to investigations, the same worked wonders for the outfit.

The PFI’s modus operandi was very well-defined. It was able to mobilise youth at a drop of a hat. Its propaganda wing was also very strong, which constantly sent out the message about how Islam is in danger in India. This was found during the anti-CAA protest in which the outfit played a huge role. It had successfully managed to put out the message that the Citizenship Amendment Act would prove counterproductive to Muslims in India. It worked for the PFI and the violence that took place was out there to see.

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