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The Kerala connect to terror in Kashmir is out in open again: It is hardly surprising

With the centre stepping up the ante to beat down radicalisation, the agencies have found that the problem is the highest in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided a house in Jammu and Kashmir in connection with a Kerala Islamic State module.

The Kerala connect is hardly surprising and there have been a number of times that such a connection has cropped in a pan-India terror case.

“In 2021, the National Investigation Agency had started investigations into Mohammed Ameen @ Abu Yahya* r/o Kadannamanna, Distt. Mallapuram (Kerala), who had been running various ISIS propaganda channels on different social media platforms, such as Telegram, Hoop and Instagram. Through these channels, he was propagating violent Jihadi ideologies of ISIS and was radicalizing and recruiting new members to this ISIS module. He and his associates had even identified certain individuals for targeted killings. They had also made plans to undertake Hijrah to Jammu & Kashmir for engaging in terrorist acts and had raised funds from various sources for this trip,” the NIA said in a handout.

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