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With security situation in Punjab melting down, Centre to step in

Over the past year and a half, the ISI backed Khalistanis have managed to smuggle in RDX, AK-47s, detonators and explosives into Punjab. In a nut-shell the security situation in Punjab remains highly volatile.

With the situation remaining extremely volatile in Punjab, the Centre has stepped in and will be sending 120 security personnel to the state.

In February, members of the radical Sikh organisation Waris Punjab De ran amok in the state and attacked the police with swords and spears. The incident that took place in Ajnala was an eye-opener for the security agencies and they felt the need to immediately reign in on radical Sikh leader, Amritpal Singh.

The protesters were demanding the release of Amritpal’s close aide Lovepreet Toofan. To be sure the Punjab Police gave in to that demand.

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