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The ugly rise of Amritpal Singh: Has AAP proved K P S Gill’s words absolutely right?

The surrender by the Punjab Police at the hands of Amritpal Singh’s supporters does not bode well for the security of the state. The fact that Punjab is a border state makes matters even worse.

The Punjab Police committed a humongous blunder by bowing before radical Sikh leader, Amritpal Singh and giving into his demand of releasing his aide Lovepreet Toofan.

The Intelligence agencies have for long warned the Punjab administration about Amritpal Singh, but the warnings were clearly ignored and this has led to the rise of Amritpal Singh.

Amritpal who out of the blue landed in Punjab and took over the Waris Punjab De following the death of Deep Sidhu was based in Dubai. According to a report in the Times of India, Amritpal would read about terrorist, Jarnail Bhindranwale and other radicals during the time of COVID-19. He gradually developed ties with radical elements such as Deep Sidhu and even began interfering in the farmer protests. It was at this time that he was identified by Pakistan’s ISI, which decided to prop him as a pro-Khalistan icon. The ISI has for long tried to bring back the Khalistan movement in Punjab and in Amritpal, they found the perfect candidate.

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