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Starkly similar documents of PFI, Urban Naxals speak about wiping out Hindus

The investigation agencies have in the past couple of years unearthed several documents of Urban Naxals and radical Islamists which speaks about their sinister plan.

New Delhi, Feb 11: Different names, same goals and that is to overthrow Hindus and democracy and establish their rule.

One cannot miss the similarities of the Popular Front of India and the Urban Naxals. The PFI in both its documents, “Draft Booklet for Regaining The Glory of Islam by 2047” and ‘India 2047: Towards Rule of Islam in India, ‘speaks about implementing Islamic rule in India.

On the other hand, the document of the Urban Naxals titled, ‘CPI (MAOIST) URBAN PERSPECTIVE’ speaks about liberating India from democratic rule by penetrating into the agencies and armed forces.

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