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West turns a blind eye in the name of freedom of speech as Khalistanis continue targeting Hindus

The pro-Khalistan elements are trying to recreate the days of Jarnail Bhindranwale where Hindus in Punjab and other parts of the world were targeted, singled out and killed. This had forced the Hindus in Punjab to flee and take refuge in Delhi

New Delhi, Jan 31: In the past couple of weeks, there have been a number of incidents involving the pro-Khalistan elements, in which Hindus and their Temples have come under attack.

A brawl broke out on Monday over the Khalistan referendum at Australia in which two people were injured and many Sikh men were detained. Prior to this the Khalistan elements have vandalised three Hindu Temples in Australia in a clear anti-Hindu and anti-India message.

The Khalistan forces led by the proscribed terror group Sikhs for Justice (SJF) headed by terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun have upped the ante both in Australia as well as Canada. The focus of the attacks by this group has been the Hindus. The Indian Embassy in Canada has raised serious concerns over the defacing of The Hindu Gauri Shankar Temple in Brampton, Greater Toronto. The Embassy in Australia too raised similar concerns over the stepped up attacks on the Hindu Temples by these so-called pro-Khalistan elements.

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