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How radical Islamists are using sacred places of Hindus to convert them to Islam

There have been many instances of radical Islamists forcibly converting Hindus. There has also been a gradual change with the Persian Khuda Hafiz now becoming the Arabic Allah Hafiz and Ramzan being referred to as Ramadan

New Delhi, Jan 24: Last week the Uttar Pradesh police arrested three Islamists, one of them a Madrasa teacher for operating a conversion racket at the annual Magh Mela.

Those arrested were Mehmood Hasan Gazi, Mohammad Monish and Sammer. The arrests were made after a BJP MP tweeted about the conversion that was going on in the sacred mela.

At the sacred places for Hindus:

This is not the first time that a conversion racket has been unearthed at a sacred site for the Hindus. The Magh Mela is an annual religious and spiritual fair that takes place on the banks of Ganga. It draws devotees from all across the world and exhibits a combination of religious and cultural features of Hindutva.

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