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High alert as agencies suspect PFI may look to re-emerge faster than expected

The NIA during the pan-India raids had seized incriminating material which spoke about the PFI’s evil designs to set up the rule of Islam in India by 2047

New Delhi, Jan 23: With several elections coming up this year and then leading on to the Parliamentary elections in 2024, the Intelligence agencies are on high alert.

One of the biggest worries for the agencies are the re-emergence of the Popular Front of India (PFI) and the spread of the Islamic State. A recent article by the Islamic State on its propaganda magazine, Voice of Khorasan, it has criticised the ban on the PFI. The article also calls on the Indian Muslims to target Hindus and the government and also terrorise the people. It also speaks about many members of the PFI joining the Islamic State and attaining so-called martyrdom.

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