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Siddaramaiah promises free power: The danger with freebies for a state

Political parties have been quick to offer freebies without knowing about its consequences. The RBI has pointed out the dangers of freebies on many occasions and the Supreme Court is seized off a similar matter

Bengaluru, Jan 12: The election season is back again the news is yet again about freebies. While sounding the poll bugle for the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023 scheduled to be held in April-May, Congress leader, Siddaramaiah said if voted to power the government will provide 200 units of free electricity every month for all Kannadigas.

Last year a Supreme Court comprising then Chief Justice of India, N V Ramana called for a debate saying that moving forward there needs to be a definition for freebie. He also asked if universal healthcare, access to drinking water, access to consumer electronics be treated as a freebie. The observations were made on a petition filed by Bharatiya Janata Part leader and advocate Ashwini Upadhyay. He in his petition had opposed the idea of promising freebies ahead of the elections.

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