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The chargesheet in the Mominpore case is another grim reminder of the anti-Hindu rhetoric in Bengal

For years the state of Bengal has been witness to infiltration from Bangladesh. Many have voting rights and with the kind of money they have made, they have managed to drive the Hindus out of many areas

New Delhi, Jan 10: The anti-Indu rhetoric in West Bengal is nothing new and the chargesheet filed in the Mominpore violence case by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is testimony to that.

The NIA has named Md Fakruddin Siddique, Md Salauddin Siddique, Md Sahabuddin Siddique, Md Idul Siddique, Md Ziauddin, Badrul Hossain, Ohab Hossain, Mustafa Hussain, Zakir Hossain, Gholam Md Izhar, Md Faiyaz, Sunny, Raju and Imamul Haque as the main accused in the case.

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