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Sri Lanka’s top drug lord Kanjipani Imran is in Tamil Nadu and its hardly surprising

The sea route has been the most preferred for the drug cartels operating in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. The proceeds from the drug trade are being used to fund terror and revive the defunct LTTE

Kanjipani alias Mohammad Imran

New Delhi, Jan 03: Tamil Nadu has been placed under a state of very high alert after it was learnt that one of Sri Lanka’s notorious drug lords, ‘Kanjipani’ alias Mohammed Imran had entered the country through coastal Rameswaram.

The development is worrying for the agencies as the number of drug smuggling are on the rise from Sri Lanka. All the recent cases have clearly suggested that the drug mafia in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu are being manned by the ISI in Pakistan. It has also come to light that the drugs are being sold and the proceeds of the same are being used to revive the LTTE in the state.

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