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Mission 72: Shariq wanted the hoors, but not his family to have fun

From Kasab to Shariq, the brainwashing of Muslim youth with the promise that committing Jihad would introduce them to 72 virgins in heaven is an age-old style.

New Delhi, Dec 03: Mohammad Shariq, the suicide bomber of Mangaluru is recovering in a hospital following a botched up operation that took place last month in the coastal city of Karnataka. Shariq who was planning a major attack on Hindus was extremely driven, committed to the cause of Jihad and had told his family members that he is doing this to attain Jannat and to meet the 72 hoors.

Mohammad Shariq

Shariq chose the path of terrorism to meet the 72 hoors (beautiful virgins) in Jannat, his family members told the media. He would follow his religion and offer namaz five times a day. He sported a beard and would restrict the women in the house to watch television or talk to Hindus, the family members were further quoted as saying as per reports.

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