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AIIMS cyber attack: An attempt at creating a humanitarian crisis, while fleecing money

The attack at AIIMS has led not only to a humanitarian crisis, but also the theft of data of high-profile personalities. It is feared that 3-4 crore patients’ data may have been compromised as part of the attack.

New Delhi, Dec 03: There have been two major cyber attacks that have taken place which have put the system under duress. First was on the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and the second one was a snag reported at Mumbai airport’s Terminal 2.

Recorded Future, a US-based company which studies the use of cyber attacks by state actors pointed fingers towards RedEcho from China. Reports said that a total of five main servers of the AIIMS were targeted by the suspected Chinese hackers and the data hacked has reportedly reached the main domain of the Dark Web where it may be sold. While it is clear that this is a case of a ransomware attack, it must be noted that in such incidents, the cyber criminals lock access to data or a device and promise to unlock it only after they are paid a desired ransom.

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