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A Palestine backer mocks a film on Hindu genocide and obviously the left liberals in India are thrilled

Even as the Israeli envoy has expressed embarrassment over Nadav Lapid’s comments on ‘The Kashmir Files’, India’s very own left liberals have pounced back in the Israeli film maker’s support. But are we surprised?

New Delhi, Nov 30: The Kashmir Files has been called as ‘vulgar propaganda’ by a Palestine sympathiser Israeli film maker and jury head at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Nadav Lapid. It comes as no surprise that an entire left liberal ecosystem in India has jumped in support of him. When the Centre brought in the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), it was the same left liberal ecosystem along with many-many Islamic radicals who were quick to oppose it.

In the case of The Kashmir Files the story was about the Hindu genocide in Jammu and Kashmir. In the case of the CAA, it was about giving citizenship to the persecuted minorities in the Islamic nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The genocide of the minority Hindus, Sikhs, Christians continues in these Islamic nations. On October 11, Chandra Mejraj was kidnapped from the Fateh Chowk area of Hyderabad in Pakistan. The incident took place just three months after three women from the Hindu community were kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam.

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