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The rise of pro-Khalistan Amritpal Singh should worry Aam Aadmi Party more in Punjab

A new leader Amritpal Singh is on the intelligence agency’s radar these days. The man who walks, talks and dresses like Bhindranwale has been addressing mass gatherings and openly espousing the Khalistan cause.

New Delhi, Nov 29: It is common knowledge that the anti-national forces operating from abroad are trying to revive the Khalistan movement in India. It is also common knowledge that there is a left liberal mechanism that is constantly trying to distort India’s history.

Amritipal Singh

In the midst of this, a new leader of the Waris Punjab De, Amritpal Singh is in the news. The rise of Amritpal comes at a time when the Intelligence agency has been speaking about the attempts being made to revive the Khalistan movement in India. Although not much traction has been gained by those trying to revive it from Canada through money-driven proscribed outfits such as the Sikhs for Justice, the rise of Amritpal is being closely watched.

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