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From using Bhagwad Gita to local rowdies, Christian missionaries are on overdrive mode in Karnataka

“The missionaries are selling a book ‘Geetheye Ninna Jnana Amruta’. The book, written in Kannada, states that Baba Adam is equal to Brahma, Mahadev and that Adinath has taken birth as Baba Adam.” 

New Delhi, Nov 16: Amidst the rise in the number of forced conversions in India, the Supreme Court on Monday said that these are dangerous and affect national security.

“This is a very serious matter. It is seriously against interest of nation. Everybody has right to choose religion but not by force or by giving some temptation. It is a very dangerous thing,” a Bench comprising Justices M R Shah and Hina Koli said while giving the Centre a week’s time to finalise its stand on forced conversions.

The observations of the Supreme Court are important considering the rise in the number of forced conversions that are taking place in the country. Karnataka is one such state which has been hard hit by this problem. On Tuesday, the Karnataka police registered a case against 15 persons following a complaint alleging forced conversions in Hubbali city.

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