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How Zahran Hashim converted the radical Islamists of South into violent Jihadists

Out of the 100 odd radicalisation videos that the NIA has seized, nearly half of them were discourses by Hashim, officials tell OneIndia. Mubin had in 2019 been interrogated by the NIA for his links with Hashim.

Zahran Hashim

New Delhi, Nov 09: It is becoming increasingly clear that the Coimbatore blast by Islamists was drive by the thought of the Sri Lanka bomber Zahran Hashim. Most of the material that the National Investigation Agency has seized after Jamesha Mubin’s car blew up near a Temple in Coimbatore are related to the discourses by Hashim a terrorist of the Islamic State.

The NIA has learnt that Hidayatullah, a friend of Mubin had launched a Facebook page called Khalifa GFX along with one Mohammad Azharuddin, a local Islamic State leader. Hidayatullah after securing bail has been working at a fabrication unit and since has told the NIA that he is no longer interested in the extremist ideology. He had been arrested in 2019 for attempting to set up an Islamic State wing in Coimbatore. The NIA however continues to keep a close watch on him.

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