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Nepal Polls: China’s meddling and India’s hydropower games

Since 2008, China has taken advantage of the willingness of some communist factions in Nepal to deepen diplomatic ties. While some view it as cooperation, a majority term it is as blatant interference.

New Delhi, Nov 07: The Chinese influence in Nepal is a well known fact and ahead of this month’s elections, the Himalayan nation faces a tough task. Writing in Foreign Policy, Marcus Andreopoulos, a senior research fellow at the Asia-Pacific Foundation says that China has become increasingly more involved Nepal’s domestic politics.

There is a great amount of resentment among the voters who have in the past few years seen their government breakdown and formation. The fact that Chinese President Xi Jinping has got a third term has made him more assertive and Nepal is of great interest to Beijing in its bid to assert its dominance in South Asia.

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