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In the killing of those protecting Hindus in Punjab, a massive ISI plot revealed

Following a threat from pro-Khalistan leader Gopal Chawla, the Punjab police has issued an alert and advised several Hindu leaders to not travel outside.

Sudhir Suri

New Delhi, Nov 07: The killing of Shiv Sena (Taksail) leader Sudhir Suri in Punjab’s Amritsar is yet another example of how deep hate crime has infested into the state. The 31-year-old Sandeep Sunny was self-radicalised on the social media. Suri was shot dead on November 4 in the presence of a police team, including an assistant police commissioner.

A team of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) visited Punjab and held discussions with the police about the larger ramifications. Suri’s son, Manik Suri alleged that this murder was pre-planned and the night before the murder, his father had received a call from the United Kingdom. The caller who identified himself as Amritpal Singh told Suri that he is “sending men and the deal is done.”

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