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Irony! The anti-India IAMC takes offence to term ‘Hindu-American’

The Indian American Muslim Council, a body that has been rewarding journalists for drumming up anti-India sentiments, says that the term erases the relationship between Hindus and other South Asians.

New Delhi, Oct 24: The Indian American Muslim Council that is backed by the Jamaat-e-Islami has taken offence to the term ‘Hindu American’.

The IAMC has said that the word is leading to the erasure of relations between the Hindu community and South Asians. “Carving out the category of “Hindu-American”-as opposed to its alternatives, “Indian-American”- has been a key step. It allows a group such as the Hindu American Foundation to erase the relationships between many Hindus and other South Asians,” IAMC said in a tweet.

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