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NIA raids at 50 locations expose the dirty nexus between ISI, Khalistanis and gangsters

The raids are important as Pakistan’s ISI is hell-bent on exploiting the nexus between the terrorists and gangsters

New Delhi, Sep 13: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted raids at 50 different locations in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Chandigarh and Delhi to expose the gangster-terrorist network. The agency registered two FIRs in Punjab and Haryana following the recovery of illicit arms and incriminating documents.

The RPG attack at the Mohali police station and the Patiala jail break led to a probe by the NIA which has been working on this case for the past 8 months. It was found that terrorists were using gangsters to further their activities. Due to the terror angle to these gangster related case, the NIA had to step in and probe the matter.

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