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4 Pak addresses, 25 alias, 4 passports: Here’s all on Dawood Ibrahim, terrorist on NIA radar

The ISI has put the D-gang on overdrive mode. Recently the NIA carried out raids in Mumbai and the members arrested revealed how close the D-syndicate and the Jaish-e-Mohammad and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba are.

New Delhi, Sep 01: In a major development this week, the National Investigation Agency announced a reward of Rs 25 lakh on Dawood Ibrahim and his associates. A bounty of Rs 20 lakh has been announced for Dawood’s right-hand man Chhota Shakeel while for Anees Ibrahim and Tiger Memon, it is 15 lakh each.

The bounty by the NIA comes at a crucial time when the D-syndicate has gone on an overdrive mode in India. Scores of cases have been reported in the past couple of years where members of the D-gang have been involved in narcotics trade, smuggling in arms and ammunitions and also setting up modules to target Hindu leaders.

India has for long been pushing Pakistan both directly as well as on international forums to extradite Dawood Ibrahim to India. However, Pakistan has continued to deny his existence on their soil despite being given evidence.

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