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China plays ‘friends’ with Nepal but India checkmates with trade tact

Beijing has been making attempts galore to reduce Nepal’s dependence on India. But Nepal cannot distance itself from India because Kathmandu is dependent on Indian ports to facilitate its trade across different parts of the world.

New Delhi, Aug 30: In recent years, China has stepped up activities in Nepal. In the past, Nepal’s Tibetan community of 25,000 were China’s primary’s concerns and today Beijing interferes in Nepal’s internal affairs too.

During that visit, PM Modi declared that ties between India and Nepal are unshakeable like the Himalayas. He also emphasised that India and Nepal’s ever strengthening friendship would benefit the entire humanity in the emerging global situation.

Jianchao, during his visit, held a 45-minute discussion with Nepal’s Prime Minister, Sher Bahadur Deuba during which he stressed on the importance of China-Nepal ties. He also urged CPN (UML) Chairman K P Oli and CPN (MC) leader Pushpa Kumar Dahal, also known as Prachanda, to work in unison to ensure the continuing importance of the communists in the Nepal government.

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