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Seeds of Islamic radicalisation in South India not new, it dates back to over 30 years

The problem of radicalisation and terror recruitment is nothing new in South India. One would have to revisit the Lal Singh vs Gujarat case of 1991 to understand how deep-rooted the entire issue is.

New Delhi, Aug 20: The chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Thursday yet again amplifies the problem that South India is facing and how the problem of deep-rooted Islamic radicalisation and terrorism had been ignored over the years.

South India except Hyderabad has not witnessed terror strikes like the rest of the country, but going deep one gets to see how much the radicals from the South have contributed to the problem on terror in the rest of the country.

In the instant case, the NIA said that the accused persons held conspiracy meetings in Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai to recruit members to the Khilafah Party of India and other outfits floated by Sathik Batcha and R. Ashiq on the lines of proscribed terrorist organisations like the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and NTJ of Sri Lanka.

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