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NIA digs deeper as Pakistan looks to help revival of LTTE in Tamil Nadu

The agencies learnt that money lying in the accounts linked to the LTTE remained untouched for long, but now attempts are being made to withdraw the same and use it for the revival of the outfit.

New Delhi, Aug 09: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) last week conducted searches at the residence of one C Gunashekaran at Chengalpattu district in Tamil Nadu.

The NIA said in a note that the case on hand pertains to the Sri Lankan drug mafia. The said mafia is controlled by Gunashekaran who in association with Haji Salim, an arms and drugs supplier based in Pakistan, has been operating in India and Sri Lanka.

The agency further pointed out that these operatives are dealing in illegal drugs and arms for the revival of the LTTE in India and Sri Lanka.

A high alert had been sounded in February this year after the Intelligence Bureau warned that attempts were being made to revive the LTTE. This was also followed by a case by the NIA which booked three people in connection with a fake passport case.

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