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ISI haunts again: Clear connection with Canada gang in Punjab murders, terror

It is a vicious circle that is operating from across the border and from foreign countries to wreck havoc in Punjab. An Intelligence Bureau official tells OneIndia that if you see the investigations of the recent strikes, there are always two links that crop up: ISI and Canada.

New Delhi, July 27: The Intelligence Bureau has been warning for long that pro-Khalistan elements have been gradually coming back with the help of Pakistan’s ISI and will eventually wreck havoc in Punjab.

Two back-to-back incidents that have rocked Punjab have a clear ISI link to it. In May following the RPG attack on the Intelligence wing headquarters, Punjab DGP, Viresh Kumar Bhawra said that it was carried out by the Babbar Khalsa in association with some gangsters, all of whom had the backing of the ISI.

The key conspirator in this attack was identified as Lakhbir Singh Landa who has been in Canada since 2017. Landa is a close associate of Wadhwa Singh and the ISI.

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