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Terror’s road map to south India: Infiltrate, migrate, aggravate

These terror groups come into the southern states, mingle with the migrant population including the Rohingya Muslims, and then overstay with a larger agenda

New Delhi, July 26: A highly radicalised person associated with a terror group was arrested by the Bengaluru police on Sunday night. The arrest of Akthar Hussain Lashkar, a resident of Assam, led to the arrest of his associate Zubair from Salem in Tamil Nadu.

The police said that Hussain who was working as a food delivery executive was using his job to understand the topography of the city. He was also in the process of setting up meetings to plan attacks in Karnataka. Now that the Tamil Nadu angle has come up, the police will work closely with the central agencies as there are inter-state ramifications to this case.

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