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Towards a Hindu-less world: This mission tops Naxals’ and Radical Islamists’ agenda

In a shocking find, OneIndia has found stark similarities between a document titled ‘India 2047: Towards Rule of Islam in India’ by Islamic radicals and the decade-old document by urban naxals

New Delhi, July 19: The Bihar police last week busted a terror module that was planning on targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In doing so, the police recovered a document titled ‘India 2047: Towards Rule of Islam in India’. The note below the document read: Internal Document, Not for Circulation.

OneIndia has analysed this document in depth and learnt that it is very similar to the one that was released by the urban naxals titled, ‘CPI (MAOIST) URBAN PERSPECTIVE’.

Both documents speak in depth about the need to penetrate into the agencies and armed forces.

Both the radical Islamists and the urban naxals take a similar approach wherein they speak about gradually infiltrating the system and then attaining their goal. The common agenda of both remains wiping out Hindutva.

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