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Govt says lions’ fury or calm depends on who looks at it

The newly inaugurated National Emblem has led to yet another controversy about the ‘look’ of the lions. While the Centre maintains that it is an exact replica of Sarnath, Opposition begs to differ.

New Delhi, July 13: Beauty is famously regarded as an attribute that lies in the eyes of the beholder. So is the case with calm and anger, Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri wrote amidst questions by the Opposition on whether the national emblem of Parliament represents the statue of Great Sarnath.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the national emblem cast on the roof of the new Parliament building in New Delhi. The inauguration of the emblem, which is made up of bronze with a total weight of 9,500 kg and is 6.5 metre in height, marks the first major milestone ahead of the new building’s scheduled opening for later this year.

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