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The psychology of an officer who falls prey to honey trapping

To combat honey traps, experts suggest psychological tests, pep talks for young recruits

New Delhi, July 12: The use of sex or a romantic relationship for espionage is one of the oldest tactics used to elicit sensitive information. This tactic dates back to the days of the femme fatales such as the Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari and Margretha Zelle.

While the advent of social media has been a boon for many, it also has its flip side and that is it has made espionage much easier. One of the biggest headaches for the security agencies has been cases of honey trapping as a result of which security is compromised and crucial information is leaked.

If one were to look at the recent string of cases relating to honey trapping the officials are either in the junior level or are lonely. It is only in certain cases where officials have fallen prey to money.

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