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ISIS released 2,400 beheading videos between 2015-20

The gruesome videos and gory messages from such terror groups and the recent killings in India have a strong connection

New Delhi, July 07: The Udaipur and Amaravati murders are not mere acts of violence but they hint towards something much graver and bothersome. The gore and violence that the accused indulged in shows that Islamist radicals have been adopting Islamic state like tactics in their violent modus operandi.

Looking at the present state of affairs, it is important to recall that the ISIS had called on radical Muslims to use knives and stones as weapons of jihad to target the non-Muslims across the world.

Besides, the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) that operates out of Afghanistan had also put a video threatening to conduct attacks against India whenever possible. In a recent video circulated by the Islamic State, the terror group has spoken about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the attacks on Sikhs in Afghanistan followed by animations of suicide bombing. The message ends with a “warning” that the attacks would be conducted soon.

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