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Finally, a course in Hinduism with Indian POV, global reach and beyond mantras and havans

Dr DK Hari, Dr DK Hema

It is important to study the Hindu contributions to the world in the realm of matter and in the realm of mind

New Delhi, July 06: Ironic as it may sound, most of us have understood Hinduism from a foreigner’s perspective and we do not have ample understanding from an Indian perspective.

While it is alright to understand an outsider’s perspective, it is equally important to know about Hinduism from an insider’s perspective. The time has come to get our own perspective for a more innate understanding.

To fill this gap and meet the need of the hour, Bharath Gyan founders Dr. D K Hari and Dr. D K Hema are now offering a certificate course that teaches Hinduism from an Indian perspective. In association with the Hindu University of America, they are offering a two-year course which will exclusively teach Hinduism from a civilisational angle.

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