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Islamic Radicalisation in Rajasthan: Public Sentiments and history of Muslim aggression

Foreign funded Mosques have come up at a rapid pace in the border areas of Rajasthan and this has added to the problem of radicalisation

New Delhi, July 05: The brutal murder of Kanhaiya Lal, a Hindu tailor in Udaipur last week has once again put the focus back on the deep-rooted radicalisation that has been raising its head in India.

But how new is this phenomenon in the desert state? Did this aggression grow overnight sparked by a comment or should we delve a little deeper to find its origin. Experts believe that we need to look into the history of Rajasthan to understand “Hindu grievances” and “Muslim aggression”.

In his book, Radicalisation in India: An Exploration, Abhinav Pandya, a Cornell University graduate in public affairs and a policy analyst specialising in counterterrorism, Indian foreign policy and Afghanistan-Pakistan geopolitics, writes about Wahhabi radicalisation in Udaipur and other parts of Rajasthan. He has said that sleepy and laid back towns like Udaipur have witnessed huge protests in favour of the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.

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