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Kanhaiya Lal’s killing only shows the deep, dangerous pattern by Islamists to target Hindus

The NIA probes in the past into similar incidents suggest there is a clear pattern to target Hindus

Ghos Mohammad(L) and Riyaz(R) accused in the murder case of a tailor named Kanhaiya Lal, in Udaipur.

New Delhi, Jun 29: India witnessed a shocking incident on Tuesday when Kanhaiya Lal a Hindu tailor from Udaipur was brutally beheaded by two Muslim men who later on posted the video online and claimed responsibility for the attack.

While the National Investigation Agency (NIA) would take over the probe as it clearly looks like an act of terror, there are worrying signs of how Hindus have been selectively targeted by radical Islamists.

While the Udaipur killing clearly looks like a case of targeted killing this is not the first such incident that has been reported. South India and Punjab have seen several such killings. While in South India the targeted killings have been effected by the radical Islamists, in Punjab it is the Khalistan forces.

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One response to “Kanhaiya Lal’s killing only shows the deep, dangerous pattern by Islamists to target Hindus”

  1. We need to learn from Israel who are the enemy number one of Muslims other than we Hindus. We need to unite and support a Nationalist Party to govern country which is BJP as on date.

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